We are naughty bloggers.

We can’t believe that we have not blogged for all this time. We expect that everyone has forgotten about how good we are at it. Well if we don’t say it no-one else will, not even Mum cos she’s a bit cross with us. You see, we have been having gravy bone payments all this time, without earning them – she thought we were blogging once a week but we have spent the time getting and sending messages to all our friends. She calls it alfresco doggie facebooking and we have got to cut it down. Yah boo sucks!

Anyway, we are getting stuck in now to tell you that our friend Alan ‘Digger Man’ (he can dig holes so fast and so big that it makes your head spin) has started on our swimming pool at Stables Cottage Not your Mum’s and Dad’s, it is just for us!




Mum wants fish and pretty water plants and somewhere for everyone to sit and look at the sunset but she is going to have to think again when we get over there. It is nice that sunset though and we always get a treat when it goes dark as that is our bedtime – speaking of which, yawn, yawn zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz




Come on Mum – why can’t we go? Take off the £168 discount!

Glyn’s View, Snowdonia would be just the ticket for our Gravy Bone Christmas (it is going to be a Gravy Bone Christmas isn’t it – we have been MOSTLY good this year). What’s that Mum all the family are coming and there wouldn’t be room there? Well Polly puppy could sleep with us, so could little humans Bella, Emily and Matilda too. That only leaves nine more big humans and you could all bunk up together, like we do. No excuses now, that is sorted! What? Not on! A smaller family of humans would enjoy it more! Nobody could enjoy it more than us. OK, OK, we know when we are losing a battle and we don’t want to rock the boat for Santa’s GB visit. Here’s what we’ll all be missing though……………



Lottie is counting for Many Tears £1859 going their way

We have had all the gravy bones out to help Lottie do her counting. Mum said one gravy bone had to equal £100, how stupid is that? We think £1 should be one Gravy bone. Mum says that would mean there would be 1,859 gravy bones and our pocket money won’t cover it. We have asked if we can have commission for counting and Mum blew her top! She said we should remember how lucky we are to have a nice home and to think about all those dogs still waiting at Many Tears. Well we were only testing the water and gravy bones are always worth a spot of negotiating. We thought Mum would give us a raise – we didn’t want to short change our brothers and sisters down in Wales.


Rosie’s Stables Cottage favourite walk

I’m blogging on my own –it is very tiring! Lottie’s sulking because she has to have her teeth done and Nellie isn’t on top form at the moment, so it is all down to me.

The only thing I want to tell you about is my best ever walk. It is my best ever walk everyday – I’m that lucky! That is unless I am at one of our cottages and then I don’t miss it ‘cos there’s the sea!

The best way to tell you about the walk is just to show you all the pictures Dad took yesterday. There were lots of sniffs, maybe our guests left me some messages but I was too excited to linger long enough to read them all. Now I need a snooze because there is no fun in blogging on your own zzzzzzzzzz






We have all got a warm fuzzy feeling

Two brilliant things have happened recently. The first one is just so nice for us. We’ve got a little friend called Heather, who leaves us messages when she stays in Grace Cottage and her Mum and Dad have adopted a companion for her to play with. She is called Lily and she was brought over from Ireland to Many Tears by our heroine Sylvia. She was a poor terrified little thing and only a baby but it turned out she was having puppies herself. That meant that she went to a lovely experienced fosterer in Southend on Sea to have her pups. All didn’t go too well for her and only one little (big one really) survived. Lily hasn’t had much luck in her life up ‘til now but boy, oh boy, has she dropped lucky now! She will get to run on the beach and have lots of cuddles and treats and friends and the list goes on and on. Her new Mum and Dad drove 850 miles round trip to collect her – that’s dedication for you but we know that all your Mums and Dads are just as dedicated to your happiness too – ‘AINT WE LUCKY?!


The second thing that makes us feel good is that we managed to get Mum to do the accounts and she has sent over £2000 to our chums at Many Tears. We have made sure that there is enough left for treats and our Burns so that is all good. So tired now, we’ve just managed to keep awake after playing with Ash (more about that anon)zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Whoo whhoo sheep poo

Mum says that this is one of our most unappealing habits and she has eyes in the back of her head when it comes to catching us about to indulge our particular gourmet delight. Her pet hate is when Nellie manages to carry a bit home! Come on chums, back us up here. We just can’t see the problem. It doesn’t smell as bad as tripe and it is vegetarian and it is nicer than rabbit poo and it is readily available and if only Mum would realise the saving in dog food, if she would only let us tuck in, she might change her mind. Anyway, we didn’t manage even a small aperitif today and we are particularly annoyed that she is making us blog before dinner.
Mum has been getting up early here at Glyn’s View, so we have had to go out for a wee but she has been really mean and made us wait until 8 o’clock for our breakfast. It is totally unfair but we do snooze the time away and Mum says it would just be a long time until dinner if we had breakfast at 5 am. We could have a snack though to tide us over couldn’t we?


We’ve had some men in the cottage. Paul the plumber (all hail the gravy bone king), Vinnie and Aled. We lost the cowl in the high winds and they have replaced it. Dad says the fire won’t sound so loud now. They have also fixed the bath handle which came off in our guest’s hand. Mum says it couldn’t have been connected properly but Vinnie had a great idea on how to do it. They have also done something in the shower room which we hope will sort out the little damp patch. We were good girls and didn’t run off (even when those hills called to us) when they left the gate open and we didn’t get in the way, so we had some carrot and broccoli as well as our GB’s and a bit of chicken too.


We had a great trip through Bedgelert (where the sad story of the brave Gelert is commemorated by his statue). Did you know that Gelert saved the great Lord’s son from a wolf but the Lord thought Gelert had killed his son so killed the wonderful dog. The lord is said never to have smiled again once he realised his mistake. We are the most loyal animals in the world aren’t we? You would think extra Gravy Bones would go some way to rewarding us – never mind our waist lines! We went further to Llandwrog and the sea. That old camera was much in use and we had to wait around quite a bit. Mum and Dad like flowers – Mum especially and they loved the sea pinks along the beach. Dad loved the hill fort and ran up it while Mum gave us a drink. We could have done that too if he’d asked.

2014-05-06 15.12.34

Speaking of flowers, the Bluebells are coming out in Cwm Penmachno and here at the head of the valley, Mum and Dad say we have a great show. The Glasgwm (the next valley to us ) is very nice to sniff in but of course, we have to keep stopping with that stupid camera because it is full of Bluebells. We are definitely NOT interested in them, or the Cuckoo Flowers on our verge, or the Primroses, or the Orange Tip Butterflies blah, blah, blah. We just think that scents should be foxy, doggy, pooey, carriony, deery, ottery and altogether disreputable, not flowery – although we quite Stinking Iris it smells of rotting beef. Yummee!


Well, we have been lucky ‘cos we have had our little top dog with us and she brought Polly puppy with her. Polly can be a bit of a pain and Nellie doesn’t like her one bit but we do get to do nice things with her and she is getting better and better at leaving us alone when we want to snooze. We didn’t have a lovely early life like she has ‘cos we are puppy farm girls, so we haven’t any happy memories until we came to live with Mum and Dad. I know, we wouldn’t remember anyway (according to Cesar) but Mum isn’t convinced. There are some things (and some people) that really spook us still, even after 6 years of doggy heaven.



Back to work for Mum and Dad and lots of lovely Derbyshire walks for us – no sheep poo but fantastic FOX. Got to get some shuteye so we are fresh for the ritual rolling – can’t wait to perfume our necks. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz