Bonus for squirrel scaring

I am usually not very good at guarding things (I like the pheasants and rabbits that visit us and Stables Cottage) but Mum says I can have double misfits if I shoo off Nutkin. Mum’s even put locks on the bird food bins and a real bold sign to show him who is boss


Our guests seem to like him (well the two legged ones)! Mum says you can chase him away when you come and don’t worry about barking, no-one can hear you. We will even leave some misfits for rewards (not mine though – they are out of bounds)

I have done my job but he’s not gone very far – wonder if I’ll get my double rations?


Saying goodbye to Lottie Scottie

IMG_0912 (2)

Rosie here. I haven’t blogged for a long time because to be honest, I am getting old and a bit doddery on my paws. I am settling in the place next to Mum’s computer that my Many Tears sister Lottie used to hold. She’s not with us anymore – she’s in that lovely run free place Rainbow Bridge, waiting for us. She just got too tired and didn’t even want to smell a gravy bone, or have a fuss and she hadn’t been for a walk for ages (not even a little one like me). Anyway Mum says it will be good for me to write about my potters and sniffs and journeys. I’m not doing it for gravy bones because my teeth aren’t what they were but Misfits have taken their place! I love Misfits!! Here’s me on Black Rock sands – near Glyn’s View, lots of room even in the hols and Dad can lift me can straight on to the beach. I did meet some friends but couldn’t catch them.