Woods not Vets

Lottie here and I’m not a happy Scottie! After breakfast, instead of our usual mooch in the woods, it was a rush to the car. Now that can be very GOOD ‘cos it often means a journey to one of our other gardens for those interesting messages you leave but it can also be very BAD and today it was BAAAD. I’m feeling OK ‘cos it was good news and I only had a little injection and Mum and Dad are very pleased with me. They said it was OK for one  ONE????? gravy bone. I’m on a special diet for my kidneys – I’m not overweight (although I would be if I was in charge of the food bowl). I’m not that keen on exercise – never have been (except on Trimingham beach). That’s ‘cos I spent so many years in a little hard cage and I don’t like to leave my (sorry, Rosie’s) lovely soft bed. I have to trot around our land (you can too if you stay at Stables Cottage) ‘cos Mum and Dad make me. I love it really as there are so many smells, mmm fox is my favourite. 002aAnyway, I’m off to sulk – ONE gravy bone indeed huh!!!!

2 comments on “Woods not Vets

  1. Hi Lotte, We are sorry you are on a restricted diet but you need to take care of your kidneys. Perhaps you are allowed fish bones instead! They are expensive though so you would probably still have to stick to one a day! We’ll do our best to leave you some sea jerkeys at Glyn’s View in August. Mum has to crush Beth’s because she hasn’t many teeth (hoping they will save what few she has left!) Pleased that you are taking a little exercise outdoors – you’ll probably enjoy your naps more like we do. Mum’s off to feed next doors cat now- will need to study his new diet- his Mum and Dad are doing Slimmimg World menus and I think his diet has been reviewed too!! Hope he is stoical like you are.

    Love Pip, Rose and Beth

  2. Oooh fish bones mmm, I like salmon and sea bass skins, so I’m sure I’ll like those. xxxx

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