We are back!

Lottie and Rosie here and oh my goodness, we can’t believe how long it has been since we blogged – you will all have forgotten us (we deserve that). Mum says the gravy bones we have been eating have been un-earned income, so will be taken off our yearly allowance.

We have  been on our travels and we have to say, we can’t decide where we like best. We just love romping on the beaches in Dorset when we are staying at Clematis Cottage and we don’t want to leave.

a0hive But then we come back to Derbyshire and we have our lovely woodlands to mooch around in and the waterfall to splash in too


Then we are off to Glyn’s View in Snowdonia and it is sooo quiet, we have to do some barking to liven things up and Mum strongly suggests that we SHUT UP or she won’t take us to Black Rock Sands to swim


Then we come back to the Peak District again so Mum can enjoy ‘our’ Bluebells. That can be a bit of a nuisance because we are told not to run around in them and that is quite difficult, especially if Tufty ‘our’ white Pheasant decides to tease usa0blue


There’s no rest for the wicked, so that’s us off busy travelling again to Milestone Barn in Norfolk to check out sniffs on Trimingham beach. Now rescue boys and girls – you will know about this. We call this Lottie’s favourite beach. We didn’t know she could run when she first came to live with us because she had been kept in such a small cage all her life and she just pottered around. BUT when she got on to Trimingham beach, she didn’t just run – she FLEW


We have got to tell you how great it is in our new Withernsea house! We’ve only got to go a few yards and we can chase the seagulls to our hearts content. Mum shouts at us because she thinks the birds will be frightened – doesn’t she know that seagulls don’t give a fig about us? In fact if we did get anywhere near catching one, we would be the most scared. We like to see the tractor haul up the fishing boats though and always live in hope that a fish may come our way. No luck yet so we will have to beg for Mum’s fish’n’chips


Well, we hope Mum is pleased with us and our gravy bone points have been redeemed and we have made up for being dead lazy cos we are pretty tired out now and don’t think we can write another flipping wozzzzzzzzzzzzzzz


2 comments on “We are back!

  1. You certainly deserve your gravy bones now. No wonder you are sleepy after all your travelling and activities.

  2. Mr Andrew Freeth says:

    Love it.

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