Lots of activity at Stables Cottage

Mum and Dad’s friend Rob and our friend (his lovely collie Ash) have been in and out of Stables Cottage all week and Mum has been beavering away on the sewing machine and wielding the paint brush. We can’t see what all the excitement is about actually. What’s so great about a new waterfall shower, new tiles, new worktops, new sofa and new cushions? OK it is making Mum and Dad very happy and this weeks guests are also very happy. We know this because their dog Juno told us when she came round to play – she couldn’t understand all the fuss either but she did love her Mis-fits treats. Mum says if we manage to post the pics properly she will add two extra gravy bones to our after dinner treats so here goes (Juno first of course)




One comment on “Lots of activity at Stables Cottage

  1. Pauline Wilkes says:

    You have done a good job and it all looks lovely. So gravy bones well deserved. Love Oliver, Toby, Pickles ,Rosy and Holly. x

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