Put in a good word for us please

Our Mum is spitting mad and all privileges have been revoked. We should have put our Face book Christmas and new Year messages on our blog and we thought we had. It is no good telling Mum that though. She thinks we have been too busy ferreting about in the presents, trying to find Gravy Bones.

We did manage to have a count up for Many Tears though. It was £1487 and that means we have donated £30,563 since we came from any Tears to live with Mum and Dad. Now figures don’t mean too much to us but we know that is a lot of comfy beds, vet procedures (just made the defend us from them sign), cleaning products and even more important – GRAVY BONES.

We are contrite, so tell Mum to give us a break please chumsIMG_4540