Messages working

Our Mum has been talking to Ro and Mica’s Mum and this is what their Mum said.”Enjoying a golden Autumn week here at Stables cottage in Derbyshire. The walks right from the door are fantastic – our two, Mica, Staffie x and Ro, lurcher are enjoying long, safe walks – streams to splash in, bracken to roll in, soft mossy paths to sprint on, stone walls to climb on, the occasional pheasant to chase – BAD dog! But as he is now 11 years old the fun of a short chase is enough for him. We’d recommend this little gem to anyone who wants a cosy cottage, a secure garden – with added squirrels, and the glory of the light effects in this beautiful valley. (loads to see & do locally too, if you can drag yourself away from the cottage)”

We have been leaving messages left, right and centre, telling all our chums the best spots for rolling, swimming, racing and chasing – looks like they have picked them up and got their humans well trained. Job well done! Gravy Bone time eh Mum.

Ro and Mica and their Mum



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