Friends helping us

We have been sad these last few weeks as there are only two of us now. Our Little Nell has gone to play on Rainbow bridge where Mum says the gravy bones are supplied all day and she can see and hear and her kidneys are all better. We have asked to visit but Mum says it isn’t our time yet. We have had a lot of friends visiting to take our minds off this and Mum has treats in her pockets for them, so we get more too. The walks this week have been very exciting and we can go faster and do more running now which is very nice but we are so tired. We have new beds but choosing which one is very hard when you are shattered………IMG_4193

If it is nice tomorrow, Mum has promised us a swim in ‘our dam’ on the walk from Stables Cottage and maybe our guests will join us?


so we have got to get a good nights sleep in zzzzzzzzzz