We are naughty bloggers.

We can’t believe that we have not blogged for all this time. We expect that everyone has forgotten about how good we are at it. Well if we don’t say it no-one else will, not even Mum cos she’s a bit cross with us. You see, we have been having gravy bone payments all this time, without earning them – she thought we were blogging once a week but we have spent the time getting and sending messages to all our friends. She calls it alfresco doggie facebooking and we have got to cut it down. Yah boo sucks!

Anyway, we are getting stuck in now to tell you that our friend Alan ‘Digger Man’ (he can dig holes so fast and so big that it makes your head spin) has started on our swimming pool at Stables Cottage Not your Mum’s and Dad’s, it is just for us!




Mum wants fish and pretty water plants and somewhere for everyone to sit and look at the sunset but she is going to have to think again when we get over there. It is nice that sunset though and we always get a treat when it goes dark as that is our bedtime – speaking of which, yawn, yawn zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz