Come on Mum – why can’t we go? Take off the £168 discount!

Glyn’s View, Snowdonia would be just the ticket for our Gravy Bone Christmas (it is going to be a Gravy Bone Christmas isn’t it – we have been MOSTLY good this year). What’s that Mum all the family are coming and there wouldn’t be room there? Well Polly puppy could sleep with us, so could little humans Bella, Emily and Matilda too. That only leaves nine more big humans and you could all bunk up together, like we do. No excuses now, that is sorted! What? Not on! A smaller family of humans would enjoy it more! Nobody could enjoy it more than us. OK, OK, we know when we are losing a battle and we don’t want to rock the boat for Santa’s GB visit. Here’s what we’ll all be missing though……………