Lottie is counting for Many Tears £1859 going their way

We have had all the gravy bones out to help Lottie do her counting. Mum said one gravy bone had to equal £100, how stupid is that? We think £1 should be one Gravy bone. Mum says that would mean there would be 1,859 gravy bones and our pocket money won’t cover it. We have asked if we can have commission for counting and Mum blew her top! She said we should remember how lucky we are to have a nice home and to think about all those dogs still waiting at Many Tears. Well we were only testing the water and gravy bones are always worth a spot of negotiating. We thought Mum would give us a raise – we didn’t want to short change our brothers and sisters down in Wales.


Rosie’s Stables Cottage favourite walk

I’m blogging on my own –it is very tiring! Lottie’s sulking because she has to have her teeth done and Nellie isn’t on top form at the moment, so it is all down to me.

The only thing I want to tell you about is my best ever walk. It is my best ever walk everyday – I’m that lucky! That is unless I am at one of our cottages and then I don’t miss it ‘cos there’s the sea!

The best way to tell you about the walk is just to show you all the pictures Dad took yesterday. There were lots of sniffs, maybe our guests left me some messages but I was too excited to linger long enough to read them all. Now I need a snooze because there is no fun in blogging on your own zzzzzzzzzz