We have all got a warm fuzzy feeling

Two brilliant things have happened recently. The first one is just so nice for us. We’ve got a little friend called Heather, who leaves us messages when she stays in Grace Cottage and her Mum and Dad have adopted a companion for her to play with. She is called Lily and she was brought over from Ireland to Many Tears by our heroine Sylvia. She was a poor terrified little thing and only a baby but it turned out she was having puppies herself. That meant that she went to a lovely experienced fosterer in Southend on Sea to have her pups. All didn’t go too well for her and only one little (big one really) survived. Lily hasn’t had much luck in her life up ‘til now but boy, oh boy, has she dropped lucky now! She will get to run on the beach and have lots of cuddles and treats and friends and the list goes on and on. Her new Mum and Dad drove 850 miles round trip to collect her – that’s dedication for you but we know that all your Mums and Dads are just as dedicated to your happiness too – ‘AINT WE LUCKY?!


The second thing that makes us feel good is that we managed to get Mum to do the accounts and she has sent over £2000 to our chums at Many Tears. We have made sure that there is enough left for treats and our Burns so that is all good. So tired now, we’ve just managed to keep awake after playing with Ash (more about that anon)zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz