Our Great Big Scottish Adventure

You could have one at the end of June now 28th now available!
Rosie here. I’m blogging on my own because the terrierists are on strike. They say their legs are 5 centimetres (or 2 inches in old money) shorter from all the walking we have been doing. I am not in the least tired and relishing having centre stage for a change. Generally Lottie hogs the limelight (and the warm bit on Mum’s computer) all of the time. Well chums, we’ve been to another cottage ‘cos Mum went and booked Grace Cottage and then managed to get the week off. We had a great week in Perthshire and made a few ‘mountain dog’ friends and it only rained a bit and when it did we just couldn’t get Mum to stop taking photos and get on with our walk.


I’m a great traveller (so are the little ones) but it was nice not to be in the car for nine hours for once and we did arrive at Grace Cottage in daylight and we know when we start on the pass because, not only are there great sniffs of deer and otter and whiffy fox but Mum ALWAYS has to stop with that blooming, boring camera.


One of my very most amazing walks (where I saw that great big stag)is to the mountain bothy at Craig. This used to be the most remote youth hostel in Britain but sadly no-one wanted to man it anymore. We’ve met a succession of students and a few locals in the summer there but the long walk in and the isolated position (with no ‘phone, electricity etc.)Has just proved too difficult for keeping it open (so Mum says anyway). Given enough gravy bones, I’m sure I could learn to look after it. I think we must have done this walk hundreds of times and that is what Nellie and Lottie are moaning about. Actually they think that if Mum feels sorry for them they may get more you know whats; they didn’t mind a bit on the walks. Here they are at the halfway point where you get a view of Red Point



The Coire mic Nobul walk comes a very close second on my OS adventure and nose map. Pine Marten have an amazing whiff, like a Ferret x Fox and they love the –you’ve guessed it – Pines. We’ve seen them but Mum hasn’t been quick enough with the camera but the fabulous Highland photographer Steve Carter has



We haven’t been to Slaggan Bay for a while. Last time we took the 4WD down and you can still do that but it is so much nicer to walk and play in the Lochans and get new sniffs. It’s 10½km return (or 6½ miles in old money)and there’s a fantastic beach to romp on when you get there. Mum says there’s an evocative ruined village there and you can’t help but think of the hard life of the inhabitants. We couldn’t care less, it’s a dogs life hanging around while our carers talk history. They won’t let us run off to the beach on our own – that’s Nellies fault ‘cos she’s deaf and she won’t come away from dead crabs, fish etc. I am not entirely sure that she isn’t faking because when the GV box comes out she seems to know and come running. Dad is a bit sceptical too but Mum defends her and says she can smell them.

2014-04-15 16.47.35


Just think of your Mum’s and Dad’s seeing this from the top of the pass (sorry about the camera stuff) and you getting the sniffs arriving at Grace Cottage. You can do this on our cancellation week 28th June and think of all that daylight for running and swimming in the loch makes me tired just thinking about it zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

2014-04-15 20.02.35