Making a break for it

Please don’t think we have forgotten the ‘getting more treats’ strategy. Norfolk beaches are just the best for employing our run off when called tactics. Miles and miles of sand and pools warmed in the sun to run in and out of and some sand dunes and some breakwaters to sniff out messages. It is quite easy to get carried away with joy overload anyway, so we aren’t finding being naughty very hard. Rosie is the fastest runner, just ‘cos she’s the biggest and has the longest legs but us little uns can move too you know.


There are bits where we have to be on the lead but hey, that’s fine, gives us a chance to catch our breath. Mum and Dad have things they put up to their eyes and stand still with. What on earth that is about goodness knows. Apparently they can see things a long way off, so what – we can smell things for miles – especially long deceased things! Anyway Mum says here’s what you can see and she has the pictures to prove it. Don’t know how the spaniel got in there – he definitely isn’t on his lead!



S’pose you all want to know how the new treat regime is going don’t you? Well let us tell you it ‘aint looking good! Nellie is deaf, so she hasn’t taken part at all and as I’m blogging (you would think that I would be on the receiving end of a bonus) I haven’t been very good at it. Rosie has taken up the gauntlet and run with it so to speak but has it done us any good? Abso-blooming-lutely not! Treats have been withdrawn (except from goody two shoes Nellie) until further notice and until Rosie has learned to behave. She KNOWS how to behave, it was all in vain and she is threatened with lead walking all the time if she makes a break for it again.
The best laid schemes of Labradors and Scotties
Gang aft agley An’ lea’e us nought but grief an’ pain
For promis’d joy!
Robert ‘Scottie’ Burns


Sea, sand, mountains and money for Many Tears

Last month was just the BEST. We have had Polly puppy staying with us at Glyn’s View in Snowdonia. She has never been to the seaside, so it was really funny to see her race around on Black Rock Sands, although Rosie got a bit tired of all the jumping around! Polly gets training treats, so what does that mean? Yes, you’ve got it – WE get training treats too! We are ever so good at sitting and staying and close and away and heel, so it is a doddle to get ‘em.


We’ve had our little top dog with us too. You should just see her making Polly sit and wait for her food – AWESOME! We do that not very well. Lottie lets us down and turns into circus dog, dancing backwards following the dish and Dad laughs so much that we don’t have to wait. Little Bella puts her hands on her hips and gives us a look that says we are taking liberties. Glad we don’t live with Polly puppy, ‘cos we would always have to behave properly and we think we are old enough to be cut a little slack. Mum says it’s nice to see Polly calm and kept under control. Well, Rosie taught Bella all she knew about good behaviour and how to understand dogs, just to get her trained to give us our gravy bones. She’s good at that but she seems to have gone a bit over the top with discipline (sorry Polly) xx

We have been having a bit of a conflab. Mum and Dad don’t give us many treats when we are out ‘cos we are ‘trained’, so we’ve got to thinking that we ought to have a plan of strategy to take forward when we don’t have Polly on the next holiday. Lottie is our most sneaky pack member and she thinks that if we start hanging about before we go to heel and rushing off when we should be staying, Mum will keep her pocket full of treats to make us remember our manners. Going to give it a go when we are at Milestone Barn. This is us practising we’ll keep you posted…….


Oh, Llandudno beach is pretty good. You can go on the main part of the beach and the pier in the winter but you have to go on the far end in the summer, away from the town. It is very grand and clean and the facades of the buildings along the front are amazing. We can walk on our leads there all year but we prefer it in the winter when it is quieter. It’s quiet along the doggy bit in the Summer too but there aren’t any shops. Now that is no problem for Dad and Mum says she doesn’t mind ‘cos we are on holiday but we think there might have been a bit of a twitch in her eye when she said it. She really likes the pier and our Bella was very lucky on the amusements. We slipped her a list for her to spend her winnings on, headed GRAVY BONES of course.

We’ve been up in the slate quarry to see the ruined village and had a picnic on the big flat stone in the river above the waterfall. Mum shared her blackcurrant pie with us and then she found a few little treats in her pocket. Those pesky humans of ours over the mountain pass. This is awesome and so exciting. There are lots of fantastic ledges to jump up and down on and there are some great water play areas but it was a bit too cold. This is Mum and Dad’s favourite view of Blaen y Cwm.


We’ve been to Bodnant gardens and made a new friend – Maisie the little Dachshund. In winter we can go to the gardens most days but in summer it’s only one day a week, so you’ll have to plan to get there.

bod mais

We’ve listened to the wind whistling round and been snug in front of the lovely Morso and we’ve had lots of cuddles from our little pack leader. We don’t know how you feel about winter holidays but we just love them! Brisk walks (and sometimes we get to wear lovely coats), plenty of sticks to chase and chew – though Mum doesn’t like this. Polly puppy runs off with them and we have to laugh when she ignores Mum and races about with a big one. You have to watch it though ‘cos she can give you quite a whack when she runs into you. Why are puppies clumsy?!?
Mum and Dad are really pleased with the new electric radiators. The cottage is really warm and cosy even when it is frosty outside. Nellie loves the frosty grass; she just rolls around on her back, wriggling and squirming. We don’t know why she does this but she is very happy when she does. She loves Glyn’s View garden anyway, the first thing she does when we get here is chase all around the outside about ten times. We are too busy getting our messages to be bothered but she is funny with her ducking and weaving and too-ing and fro-ing.


We have been over to Newborough on Anglesey and to Harlech. We didn’t go to Caenarfon because dogs aren’t allowed in the castle and all the humans wanted to see it. We sulked when they came back for all of three minutes but the rattle of Burns in our bowls soon brought us round. Polly stays in her cage (which she loves) ‘cos she is a Labrador and a puppy and we all know that chewing can be the greatest pastime in the world for her. We got a walk to the ruin in the morning but we ‘aint going nowhere until those food bowls have appeared – even if we have to go a walk in the dark.
One of our favourite ever walk is up Snowdon. We didn’t get to the top this time because there was snow and we were a bit late starting and Mum was being a wimp ‘cos she had a bit of a cough. Humans are really very fragile aren’t they? We never think about not feeling well or tired when we are on a walk – we could go on for ever and we go twice as far with all the checking out in front. Mum and Dad had to keep stopping didn’t they to look at the view? This is quite annoying really and it is no wonder we take a long time to get anywhere.

It was very boring one day because Mum decided that she was going to ‘do’ the main bedroom floor. We don’t go up there, so we have no interest whatsoever. She said that when the refurbishments were being done a lot of the debris got walked into the floor by mistake and it really needed to be sorted out. Dad took us out and so that wasn’t bad but we didn’t get a long walk and he forgot to throw the ball for Rosie. We aren’t going to sulk because truth be told, we were pretty whacked out and needed a bit of a rest.

Well, we hope you are enjoying the warmer weather. We have had a good walk but there’s a lot of little twigs on the ground from the gales and us two little ones are picking loads up on our coats. Time for a trim we think Mum………….
Now all this blogging has made us very tired but there’s just one more thing to tell you. Mum explained to us why our Many Tears Animal Rescue brothers and sisters need treats more than we do and even though it really hurts to see treats going somewhere else, we have been helping tot up rather than trying to sabotage the payment. Now we hope you all understand that it won’t make any difference to the treats we leave you for your holiday, so don’t worry but you can all feel very proud of your Mums and Dads for helping. This is our total (Lottie did most of the sums but Mum has checked her in case she slipped a bit in the Gravy Bones Account anyway).
£1006 winging its way to Sylvia and the Heroes in Llanelli today!
NOW it is really time for that snoozzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz