The travelling woofters

Down and dirty in Dorset this week. Gosh, it has been very squelchy under paws. We don’t mind and ‘cos Clematis Cottage has a tiled floor, Mum and Dad don’t mind either! It hasn’t rained much this week and we have had some really, really good walks and sniffs. It hasn’t been too windy either, so those sniffs haven’t blown away. We have met some excellent friends on the beaches and in the cafes and they have given us some pin ups which we will show you soon.

Mum has been watching Chris Packham – down Mum (she is so fickle, we thought Cesar was her favourite) and now she thinks we have to play games with our Gravy Bones. Get ’em out from under those plastic cups Mum, we are far too spoiled to mess about. We’ll sit and maybe give a paw, or high five but make us wait and cover our eyes and we will withdraw all cuddles in protest.

This is a short blog ‘cos we have got to check out Steve who is coming to paint all of Clematis Cottage next week. We are not at all happy to go home because he promised to bring us some you know whats. We thought we might stage a ‘sit in’ until Mum said the fire wouldn’t be lit and she was taking our Burns home and our beds and our brushes and the box of GB’s. It’s just not worth the effort when we get bullied and nobody takes us seriously.

We are going to conserve our energy for our next post with lots of pictures from our Dorset holiday, so zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz


Happy Hols!

Ooooh we are having such a good time. Mum and Dad are on holiday. Well sort of – they have a bit of work to do and some boring shopping but most of the time they can play with us!


There’s been some sunshine and some beautiful starry nights (or so it seems), you wouldn’t get us leaving that lovely wood burner – not unless there’s a treat or a walk involved.


We have been to a few different places ‘cos our local beach got damaged in the storms. It is being worked on, so it shouldn’t be long before you can get the car down again. It is nice walking on the cliffs ‘cos the messages don’t get washed away by the tide but Mum likes us to be on the lead up there – ya boo sissy Mum!


Now our Rosie is a Labrador Retriever and she is very clever. She waits for the ball to be thrown and then she goes like the wind to fetch it. If that’s on the beach you should see the sand fly! Sometimes if Mum lets her go after it as soon as she throws the ball, she catches it in mid-air, you should see her jump. Then she comes flying (well her ears are flying) back to Mum and lies down leaving the ball. She used to come back and sit and give Mum the ball but we think she gets a bit tired now she is older. Mum doesn’t throw the ball again straight away, so Rosie gets a chance to have a breather.
The beaches here in Norfolk are just great for racing and chasing! They get tide washed so they are quite firm and there’s miles of them and there’s warm pools if the sun’s out and there’s nice dogs and there’s nice sniffs and there’s sometimes a dead something to roll in and there’s oodles and oodles of fun out there, pant, pant, pant, riff, riff woof, whooo!!!!



Today, our friend Billy has been working at the barn. That is nice and he knows that we like Gravy Bones very much. It seems that there were not any Gravy Bones in Trunch stores. WHAT? However, he has brought us some Mis Fits which are actually rather scrummy. We will forgive him this time and decide if we would like a change of treats when we have had time to think about it and eaten all of the packet munch, munch, slobber, slobber, lickety lick.
Our walks across the fields are a bit muddy at the moment and Mum has tipped up the cushions on the sofas so we can’t get on until we are rubbed down and dried off. We have made a decision on how to deal with this terrible injustice. Rosie will jump over the arms and push the cushions down on the floor for us. Then she will lie on the back cushions which will fall down on the seat and we will join her at a suitable time. The only problem is that Mum has ‘eyes in the back of her head’ and an instinct for catching us doing something we like but she doesn’t, so we’ll just sleep on the floor for a bit ‘til she goes out. THEN we’ll rule the sofas again zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Lottie has been on the abacus

Hey Mum, what are you doing?! Get off that computer right away! We love our brothers and sisters at Many Tears Animal Rescue but not that much. £1200 gone their way, that’s more than a years worth of Gravy bones, Nature’s Treats and carrot sticks put together. Oh yeah, we know you say it won’t make any difference to us but we live day to day and today there won’t be any money for Gravy Bones. Don’t try to distract us with holiday plans. We know we are off to Milestone Barn, we have already had our baths and Lottie has had her beard trimmed so it’s a done deal. What’s that? Those girls and boys need Gravy Bones more than we do…..cheek. NOBODY needs Gravy Bones more than we do, not anybody in the world! Oh, so they are getting them anyway, whatever we say. Well we can do a good job of sulking just to show you how we feel zzzzzzzzzzzz
What’s that rattle? Oooo Gravy bones, smashing, walkies, smashing, now what was it that happened earlier today???????
Many thanks to all our guests past, present and future for helping Many Tears.


Happy New Year

Happy New Year to all our rescue buddies, lucky pups who have always had good homes, foster dogs, lovely oldies and all their Mums and Dads!
May 2014 be: ‘The year of Mucho Gravy Bones’!

Looking back at 2013, what a year we have had!
Lots of travelling backwards and forwards to Glyn’s View when Dylan and his men (all hail Paul the plumber, He of the Pocket full of Gravy Bones)! We were ever so good, staying in the camper while the work was being done but it was all worth it ‘cos we love Wales and the Cwm and Black Rock Sands and Harlech and Nellie particularly loves the garden, she just races and chases like a spring chicken as soon as we arrive and every time we go out.


One of our favourite places in Dorset (we go every single day when we are staying at Clematis Cottage) is Cogden Beach. There’s a lovely coast path and either way gets you to a great food place where we are really welcome. The walk back seems to take longer than going – Mum says that’s ‘cos Dad’s got ‘dinner on the bonnet’ (whatever that means) and they are too full to hurry on the way back.


Grace Cottage always gets our noses twitching. Deer, Wild Mountain Goat, Pine Marten, Otter and even the occasional Wild Cat (not sure if these are crossed with the domestic Tabby though) scents make our holidays there soooo exciting woof woof, riff riff, whoohoo! Mum and Dad did a lot of star gazing whilst we snoozed in front of the fire and they are always stopping to look at the view when we are out walking. Well, that means everything is checked out cos we always have to get called away from all the lovely ground sniffs.


It is verrry difficult for us to get a holiday at Milestone barn ‘cos you all keep booking, even though Lottie keeps trying to delete the E-mails before Mum sees them. The 2015 calendar is on the web site and Lottie is really worried that Mum hasn’t booked any for us yet. We love it in the winter on the lovely warm floor and sitting by the cosy wood burning stove. The beaches are brrracing and we get to meet the ‘locals’ – rufty tufty sandy coloured little Norfolk (and Norwich) Terriers. ‘Cos we are ex breeding girls we love all dogs and just turn away if they don’t like us. We also get to see the seals. Not too close ‘cos they don’t like to be disturbed – don’t you think they are after our Gravy Bones? We don’t like the way they are eye us up, they look hungry.


Over 2000 miles travelling in December so Mum could decorate all the cottages – good job we like the car! What fun though to pinch the baubles from the box and race outside with them, Mum was for ever asking Dad to get them from us, as she was doing something arty farty with the lights. Well they were all unbreakable and looked just like balls but a bit shiny. Lottie is above all that larking about though, she doesn’t like to give up pole position in front of the fire.


Well, we have welcomed 261 four legged friends in 2013. More than 80% of you have been rescue girls and boys. That gives us such a warm feeling inside and thank you all for looking after our cottages for us. We have our bags packed ready for our next hols and we are looking forward to getting our 2014 messages!


Just one little set back at the end of 2013. Our Stables Cottage has some problems and the terrible weather has washed away part of our track so we are inaccessible at the moment. We’ll keep you posted about developments.