Holidays are great

Two weeks in Grace Cottage to do some maintenance stuff and some decorating stuff and some Christmas stuff. Lots of lovely walks and great sniffs was our reward for being good girls when Mum and Dad are busy. That is what we were told. Swizz! We get those anyway – we thought we were getting Gravy Bones.


A few days in Milestone Barn just to get the tree (don’t get excited boys, it is for decoration only, not for an indoor loo when it is raining) and to make things pretty. Now when Mum and Dad were working, we decided to chase about a bit so that they knew we were a bit miffed about our lack of bonus bones. It didn’t work at all, we were threatened and made to stay on our beds and then we were told that there wouldn’t be any Gravy Bones that day – there’s just no justice! They think the tree and other bits and bobs look nice and they enjoyed a little drink in front of the wood burner admiring what they had done. We decided to give them extra fusses and it seems Mum forgot we had been naughty ‘cos we got our bedtime snack anyway. She’s a sucker for the high fives and the nose push and the wriggling around.


On the way home we got a smashing walk at Blakeney and then one at Burnham Overy Staithes too. It was dark when we left and Mum got us comfortable and then shone the headlights over the sea. Out came the camera and we settled down to snoooooze


Mum is getting ready to decorate Glyn’s View this week and we have decided that we will be very good and quiet after our walks. We can snuggle in front of the wood burner and dream of Gravy Bonzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz