Who would have thought that…..

Our friends who visit all our cottages say the nicest things in our visitors’ book (well their Mums and Dads do). We know that they are well trained to do the admin work, leaving us adventurous types more time for following up all the interesting leads to exciting outings. Of course, we let them think it is their idea but really we have been sending subliminal  messages, looking into their eyes and gently nudging them towards the lead cupboard.

As soon as we have settled in on our visits, Mum gets hold of the visitors book and starts to tell Dad everything that’s in there. Now we aren’t sure Dad is really listening because he does a lot of mming and ahing and reallying and that is sometimes a bit of a give away. He really perks up when Mum tells him about a long walk or Dolphins or seals or stags or birds and things and you can tell that Mum is having a really good time BUT there’s a snag. Lottie will try very hard to get on to the mouse pad to click on the Burn’s page for treats but Mum will be having ‘none of her nonsense’. The keyboard will be tapping away getting all the comments on to the web site. Mum does get easily distracted (we have got that down to a fine art) so it might take a while! So, a bit like they say on the silly dancing programme that we have to watch – keep looking woof woof riff riff 

Give me a break

Hello, Lottie here today because Rosie is out on the hill with Dad and she has flatly refused to do another blog until her gravy bone allowance is increased. I am happy to do anything, just on the off chance that there could be a bonus on the way.
We have been on a beach a few miles from Applecross and I could sniff that the sea otters had been there! Mum said there was evidence with part eaten fish, lots of shell bits and a great sand footprint and some spraint (just right for rolling but I got stopped – spoilsport Mum). We got to sniff about in the rocks and stuff but if we show too much interest it’s a give away, so we act all nonchalant and move away; then when Mum is taking a photo or showing Dad something we go back and get the old crab and stinky stuff. Sometimes, Nelly just won’t leave it and because she is a bit hard of hearing, there’s a load of shouting going on until Dad has to skedaddle back and get her. Mum always says Dad is faster than her but we think she’s just a bit lazy.
We went in a pub (the Applecross Inn) and sat by the log burner while Mum and Dad had something to eat. Now how cruel is that? We were hungry too but not a sausage (or a bit of scallop) came our way. Mum and Dad are a bit strict when we are out. They say our manners have to be better than at home because we are advertisements for well behaved rescue dogs. Blah, blah, blooming blah – how does she expect us to get any gravy bones from the other people there if we can’t ask? The lady who brought out the food said all our friends would be welcome if they were on leads. I was on mine but it was just dropped down and I was sooo tempted to follow her into the kitchen where all the lovely smells that tickled my nose were coming from. We were very impressed with a picture of a Schnauzer with a pint of beer in front of him and a lovely picture of a border collie, so we know they like dogs.
I got pretty wet! Mum has trimmed my skirt so I don’t pick up all the leaves and twigs now it is Autumn and that helps me stay dry but I did some extreme paddling by mistake!!!!!
I did get pole position by the fire tonight ‘cos I have done such a lot of work on the blog but where are my bonus GRAVY BONES????????? zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz



Tough Mum

This is Rosie here today. I am the only one awake and the only one doing any work at all! We have all been on lots of walks in Torridon and we have all come back to sort out your treats, get ready for the man who is going to sweep the chimney and do a bit of painting. My tail is a very good paintbrush but it is a bit unruly and oops just got some white on the blue.
It is just fabulous in the glen and I was half way to the bottom of Beinn Alligin when Mum called me back to do the blog. It was a bit windy (well a lot really) and there was a lot of cloud and we should have gone the Tom na Gruach way rather than the Horns but I was NOT happy. What is a bridge for but to cross over and get on with a walk. Lottie was smug ‘cos she is not too keen on windy weather. Stuff blows in her face and she keeps dodging down to try an rub it off and then she just gets more stuff on her. Nellie is a star – she doesn’t care what it is like she just keeps up with me but she always wants the warmest place when we get back and she grumbles if she doesn’t get it.
Don’t forget to look at our discounts mum says. There, I have done all the typing, all the painting and all the treat sorting, munch munch zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz


Lots of boxes NO gravy bones

Well let us tell you, it is a bit mad here today! First, the bed and super comfy mattress is in place and we are not allowed on it. Secondly the table and chairs have arrived but there’s no food around to sit for. Thirdly, the delivery men were OK but Mum didn’t order anything that we like. Fourthly, the log burner isn’t lit and there’s no rug to lie on. Fifthly, the boiler is being naughty and it’s pretty chilly. Sixthly, we’ve been told we can’t go on this sofa. Seventhly, we’ve been told to keep out anyway because the tiles have been specially cleaned and  the kitchen and bathroom flooring is new, so it’s over to you to make everything lived in!!

We won’t be ready for a while yet at Stables Cottage, Mum says but we are taking bookings for next year (and maybe last minute at the very end of this). We’ve got to tell you that we are very ‘country’ not ‘County’ here at the cottage. Wellies, walking boots and trainers are all the footwear that work and all our friends have got to like mooching about in woods and stuff, not sitting on velvet cushions and being frightened to get dirty. OK you can have a velvet cushion if you like – they are pretty comfy.

All our lovely doggy cottages are really different to each other and travelling around (which we love) to the different scenery and locations is great fun and those messages are soooo exciting BUT our bit of Derbyshire is doggy heaven. The stables won’t be as ‘posh’ as Milestone barn and it is the smallest of all. We may not always be very manicured, although we do have Frank and Taff and Pip who mow and Rob and Chris and Ash who do the heavy stuff and help us find our lost balls (Taff, Pip and Ash do this). It is a bit like a smaller version of our Snowdonia cottage (with hills and lovely reservoirs and lakes instead of mountains) and it has lots of birds visiting and nesting around. We are really used to them but Lottie still likes to chase the pheasants a bit (never catches them – won’t until she grows some wings). Our paths (which we’ll share with you) are all verrrry interesting) See who has been digging, burrowing, snuffling, and scratching and hear the owls and foxes at night – oh it’s BRILLIANT.

Anyway, telling you about it is making us want to go out. Woof, riff, riff get yer wellies Mum, no time for snoozing today!