Glyn’s View 2014 bookings

Please don’t think we have been lazy, or worse still, conniving to get more weeks for ourselves. You’ll see why on the calendar. We have been very busy getting bookings so all our friends can get those Welsh mountain sniffs. Mum says to let you know how it is going in case you miss out. Had a busy day helping those men on Stables Cottage so we are pooped zzzzzz

gv calendar

Getting there!

Now listen up chums! There’s a great deal going on in our neck of the woods at the moment and we mean woods ‘cos that’s where we live. Mum has asked us to put the details of our Stables cottage on the blog so you can show your Mums and Dads what it’s going to be like and get some bookings in before it starts taking off big time. She says £50 per night to get us going. Billy bargain we think, how’s she going to keep us in luxury treats on that??


OK, we are used to all this lovely countryside and the Peak District ‘cos we have been here ages but we love our daily walks straight from the door down by the dams and the waterfall. We’ve got 8 private acres to walk in too. If you are good like us you can be off the lead on our land but if you race and chase it is better not to ‘cos there’s so many ground nesting birds, and little creatures around. Just down in the woods you can run as free as you like! We do LOTS.


You know about those men we have to sort out, well they’re OK really. In fact we are getting quite a lot of extra fuss so that’s all good! No gravy bones unfortunately – Mum hasn’t got them trained yet.


We have been sussing out the kitchen to see if there are enough places for all your treats and food and stuff and we would say that there is. Once the Fridge/Freezer has gone in ( ‘cos we know some of you have raw) and the washer and things – there’ll be plenty of room!


They are here a lot and Mum is not putting up the lovely new iron and brass bed yet, she says they will never go home and she won’t put on the heating for them and she’s hidden the logs so they can’t snuggle in front of the fire.


Those men keep saying they have never worked in such a lovely place (we think it is because we are here) but they keep stopping to look at the view and drink more of that coffee stuff.


Our computer has been very hot – Lottie keeps trying to switch to the gravy bone ordering page but Mum isn’t having it. She’s been ordering stuff and collecting bits from work and she says to show you the sort of thing that she thinks is right for our little cottage.


You just tell your Mums and Dads that our new letting cottage is separate to our house and that it has got its own enclosed courtyard garden and that you can make as much noise as you want and that if you want to ignore us you can. We are often away in all our other cottages and if we are you can have our garden too if you feel like it.
My goodness, is that the time? Mum has had us slaving away on the computer while she has been putting her feet up watching re runs of Downton Abbey. Oh, just caught sight of Isis -now there’s a lovely yellow lab if ever you saw one. Should give us sweet dreamzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz