Friends for us – hooray!

There’s been an awful lot of toing and froing on our land the last few days! There’s been a lot of men again – we are used to it now and one of them brings Ash, who is a lovely Blue Merle collie girl with beeeutiful eyes! We overheard Mum talking to Dad in that serious voice that means ‘something’s going on’.
It seems that now our old timer has gone off to play on his mobility scooter with his friends, our stables are just waiting for some nice doggie guests for us to play with (or not as they wish – we aren’t pushy).
Those men have got to do some work painting and stuff and Mum has to do some sewing and stuff and Dad has to do some stuff too before all will be ready but it is really exciting and that is very tirinzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz



Mum’s gone and done it!

What are us girls supposed to do? Lottie has been sitting with Mum trying to colour New Year at Milestone Barn pink on the calendar so we can go. Mum keeps moving Lottie’s paw and turning the computer away and it looks like we have failed ‘cos a bookings just come in. Mum has said yes – even though we have given her our best soulful looks, our best snuggling up, our best gentle treat taking, our best high fives, our best downs, our best sits – why did we BOTHER? Mum keeps telling us we are going to Milestone Barn next week (Lottie got that one coloured pink earlier) but we’ve got to keep her on her toes! We left lots of messages in March and we have got to get our replies.
Mum says that we can’t have too many holidays ‘cos she wants those Many Tears girls and boys to get more money. Speaking of which, Lottie was helping with the calculator and the computer the other day and she told Mum to send £1,772 to Sylvia, Bill, Yvonne and all the heroes at the rescue. We get a lovely warm feeling and send a big thank you to all our guests for staying with us so we can help our friends waiting for homes.
New year is still available at Glyn’s View in Snowdonia, so we’ll get Lottie to try to do a bit of surreptitious highlighting for us. We don’t think Mum knows what she is trying to do. Mum thinks she is trying to put her head on the warm bit and Lottie does do that a lot but it’s all a ruse to get us more holidays. All this plotting has made us very tirzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz


Cottages for creative people

Hello, we’ve been verrrry busy checking out all the sniffs at home, so we haven’t had much time for writing. We are so lucky to get sniffs from North, South, East and West AND the middle of the UK!

Mum says that our cottages are visited by lots of creative people who find inspiration in the landscape and geology of the Highlands, Snowdonia, Dorset and North Norfolk. We think that it is a bit of a waste of time gazing around when all of the messages are near the ground! Mum says some of our guests are photographers, jewellers, artists, felt makers, craftspeople in wood (a chainsaw artist honeymooned at Grace Cottage) and metal, print makers, fashion designers, furniture designers and interior designers – to name but a few.

We are only interested in their dogs, their dogs’ messages and their dogs’ forgotten treats. Mum is very interested in their dogs’ history and if they are rescue. Lots of them are! Lots of them come from Many Tears! Lots of them come from Dogs Trust! Lots of them come from the RSPCA! Lots of them come from Lurcher Link! Lots of them come from lots of other lovely organisations! The lucky ones who have had lovely homes since they were puppies are just as special but Mum says we should be very happy that our rescue buddies can stay at our cottages. Of course we are but we have told Mum to get our weeks in – we deserve them with all this blogging!

Some nice dogs staying at Glyn’s View in August, commissioned  their Mum to paint their portraits. We wondered, did they have to sit still for very long ‘cos that’s really hard to do when there are aromas making their noses twitch? Their clever Mum sent us a copy of the sweet watercolour, so nice of her.


sweet pic of GVa