Speaking of purring cats

We have got some pen-friends!! Now our Mum often speaks to our guests for us (she does rabbit on sometimes) and she helps us sort out our messages. Not the sniffy kind, she draws the line at that but the E-mail kind. Anyway some lovely pussycats had to go to a cattery whilst their canine friends got to go on holiday to Grace Cottage. Those feline furry ones are very intelligent and they didn’t like it at all. This is the message we got:

The phone rang, the cats looked
“Did you order the Loch Torridon Salmon?”
Zebedee did enquired….
“Being smoked,” Tigger answered.
“Mmmmm that was nice, the slice the humans brought back from their holidays.”
“Even though”, Lucy protested, “we were in jail!”
“It was the freshest of fish”
Bramble licked her whiskers tips
“Bountiful feast”, Skimble agreed
“Better than catnip mice.”

Dylan and Jenni
Ear wigged the conversation….
Back from pawing over their photos from Grace Cottage
To post to Rosie, Lottie and Nellie
Dylan, being wise, cleared his throat
“You know, there is a rare appetizer, it’s known as caviar
All around the world there are 26 species
Of Sturgeon type fish living in the Caspian Sea.”
“Is it expensive?” barked Jenni, tucking her Dad’s credit card under her paws
“Oh yes!” Dylan replied and gave her a growl, “an expensive delicacy.”
He continued: “The world’s largest sturgeon is the beluga,
Belugas eggs are the most costly but are the best”.
Jenni looks at Dad’s credit card and sighs –
“Well suppose, we better not order it – as we won’t get to holiday
And visit Grace Cottage again…. And run in the highland heather.”
“We’ll just have the salmon instead,” meowed the cats – “for we had to go to jail.”
With that Dylan, presses the button and holiday photos for Rosie, Lottie and Nellie……… to savour.

And the photo of Dylan and Jenni at Grace Cottage that we are savouring riff riff whoof

dylan and Jenny

We made it!

Golly, gosh we are sooo tired!
One whole week with Polly puppy (thought we’d left that long behind)! She’s a live wire but a good girl too (mostly). Not one accident in the barn and she is as good as gold in her lovely crate bed. She’s got a Kong, which is a bit of a tease, ‘cos it is inside and we are outside.
We have had lots of runs on the beach and had a great time in Bacton Woods, Blickling Great Wood, Felbrigg and Roman Camp (a new one to us, so REALLY new sniffs and messages). We had to stay on the lead sometimes, just so that Mum and Dad did not have to keep stopping while we read all those Norfolk billet-doux and some from all over the country too.
Mundesley was great. We can go in the bar at the Ship Inn but when it is nice weather there is a lovely big garden to sit out in and enjoy the sea air and views. Mum said the food was good pub grub but the service was a bit haphazard and pretty slow but when you are on holiday it doesn’t seem to matter very much! There is only one small section of the beach we can’t go on and there are miles of sand but we still like Trimingham best and we hardly saw anyone – even though it is the school holidays. We are a bit scared of loud children (although, we have got used to our little pack members and there’s a new lovely very little one again) and this beach hardly ever has any on it. Not loads of doggies either – boo! We know some of you lovely rescues haven’t had the chance to mix like us breeding girls, so this beach would be your favourite. We don’t like strange humans very much, so, really, it is our favourite too.
Mum and Dad and the human family went to the zoo. Now, ordinarily, Mum doesn’t hold with zoos but this one had a lot of reptiles and she says they don’t mind as long as they get lots of food and they also had rescue parrots that talked and were hilarious. She didn’t like to see the Jaguar in an enclosure but they are seriously threatened in the wild, so she thought that, as the pair looked really healthy and happy, it was all right (just). She told us there were a Puma and a lovely Puma cub too – they purr like cats (we like cats). Pumas are endangered and they looked in very good condition as well, so all in all a thumb’s up for the Amazonian Zoo at Cromer from us all.
We didn’t go on the boat trip to Blakeney Point (Mum gets sea-sick, so we had a walk from the barn instead). Dad and family loved it and there were other doggies on the boat as well as the skipper’s Springer (see our 20th August face book post). Dad said the seals came out to see the boat and there were lots on the beach. If you are like Mum and don’t like boat trips, there are seals on Horsey beach, which is just a walk along the dunes (more sniffs) from the car park.
The sea was very warm to paddle in and our little 4 years old human pack leader went body boarding. We know she can look after herself ‘cos she gives us our dinner and we have to wait while she goes through the door and sit when she tells us to but we were very glad when she came back. Then she got buried in the sand and had a mermaid tail made of her legs, we were a bit worried that she couldn’t walk, ‘cos she always holds Rosie’s lead but it was all right, she jumped up fine.

This holiday lark is very good. We get to check out all the messages left since last time we were in Norfolk and to meet a few of those stocky, sandy coloured, feisty terriers that come from the area. We like the barn in the summer ‘cos we can run in and out of the garden through the wide open doors but we do miss the wood burner which we just lurve in the winter. Next time maybe!

What a lot of words, it is a good job there are three of us to blog. Just going to catch up on some much needed sleezzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz


We have got a secret!

Psst, don’t tell anyone but we are going to Norfolk! Mum told us not to say anything in case something goes wrong and we can’t go but we are bursting with excitement. Guess what – Polly the puppy is going with us!!!!
I can’t wait to show her all the best beaches and all the lovely woods and all the lovely paths and all the lovely pools and all the lovely…..well all of lovely Norfolk. She is going to have a ball and all those messages, she just won’t be able to stop wagging. That’s what I am like when I am at Milestone Barn. Actually, I’m like that at all of our cottages too but I am a Lab after all.
Polly is a lab too and our Nellie isn’t too keen cos she likes to be quiet. Fat chance of that, she will probably curl up in her nest and growl a lot. I’ve told her that puppies sleep a lot as well as have those mad moments but she just gave me that LOOK and stalked off.
Mum says to tell you that Glyn’s View is booking up fast for 2014, just had another one in for June and she promises to get the details on the web site very soon (after our holiday, we won’t let her work, she has got to take us to all the places we want to see and sniff and roll and paddle and pick up stuff and race and chase and oh gosh I’m tired just thinking about it. Roszzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz