So nice at Glyn’s View

Oh my, it is so nice and cool in our new cottage! The slate floor is lovely to lie on when we have had a spot of sun in the garden. Mum and Dad have been doing a bit of work (just a bit ‘cos we told ’em that this is our holiday and we want to go on lots of walks and run on the beach and sniff all those messages). It has been a bit too hot for the hills so we have walked in the evening, Mum says we shouldn’t moan about being too hot and she keeps pouring cool water on our heads. Don’t know if I really like it but it does cool me down. We went over the mountain road to Harlech yesterday. Mum says it is a lovely little place but we liked the beach best. It only took us 30 minutes to get there and we hardly saw a car on the way. The car park by the dunes wasn’t too busy and we got to share an ice cream. I know it isn’t good for us but hey, we are ON HOLIDAY!
The beach was enormous and we were really excited. We met an American bull dog, gosh he was heavy but he had a muzzle on and we all just had a good sniff and went on our way. I went in the sea with Mum (so did Nellie but Mum had to help her). Lottie only wanted to paddle a bit in the really warm water by the beach and protested at being asked to do a bit of swimming, so Dad looked after her and we left them to it.
I’m a bit pooped today and we are only going walking in the next valley to ours in a little whilezzzzzzzzzzzzzz