Glyn’s Cottage Snowdonia National Park

Mum asked us to tell you about our new cottage is at the head of the beautiful Penmachno Valley in the Snowdonia National Park. Surrounded by hills, seven waterfalls may be seen from the front garden & parking space to the rear of the cottage. Walks from the house are described as some of the best in Wales and it has unrivalled views from all windows. Ideally situated for exploring Snowdonia’s fascinating peaks, the fabulous North Wales coastline and the hidden wooded valleys, Glyn’s view is a perfect home from which to plan your day. Driving in the mountain landscape towards the sea is a rare pleasure. National Trust land is all around and provides a haven for wildlife. The garden is ideal for both dogs and children and the silence is so restorative.


Glyn’s View cottage Sleeps 2 to 4 + 2 people in a king size bedroom, a small double (small space either side of the full sized bed) and a downstairs day bed in the dining extension which will form either one/two singles or a double. It has a downstairs shower room, with a large shower enclosure and super air boost electric shower, an en-suite bath room (to the main bedroom) and a fully fitted, lavishly equipped kitchen with oak worktops.


kitchen gv1



Within approx30 mins travelling time from our cottage
Black Rock Sands dog friendly beach where you may drive on the sands
Portmeirion—the Italianate village by the sea.
Conwy Castle
Bodnant Gardens
Gwydyr Forest Park
Snowdon Mountain Railway
Bala Lake
Betws y Coed
Nant Gwynant
Ffestiniog Mountain Railway
West Highland Steam Railway
Coed y Brenin Forest Park
Snowdon, several Mountains over 2000 feet and many beautiful hills and hidden Cwms.
All Gwynedd beaches are dog friendly—hurrah!
Travel a little further and you can get to Red Wharf Bay on Angelsey and Pwelli on the Llyn Peninsula (1 hour)

The fabulous Morso wood burning stove and the little touches that make Grace Cottages so homely



We have vacancies on the following dates in 2013:
Aug 3rd £578
Aug 10th £578
Aug 24th £548
Sept 28th £398
Oct 12th £338
Oct 26th £388
Nov 9th £328
Nov 23rd £298
Dec 14th £298
Dec 21st £578
Dec 28th £578
Contact us via the web site contact page for a pdf brochure
We are taking bookings for 2014

Rosie, Nellie and Lottie xxxxx

Count up for Many Tears

I’ve just been helping Mum do some counting on the calculator. I keep high fiving her to give me a fuss but she’s just too busy. It’s taken so long for her to do it I am going to get my little human to take me a walk.
Any way, she’s just sent off the dosh. Over £3000 since January, she was telling Dad and there was a lot of that funny thing they do with their lips, ah yes, smiling. This is Rosie signing off for a romp with Bella

bella and rosie

We’re in trouble

We were told to say that if you’d like a pdf brochure of Glyn’s View Cottage please E-mail us from our contact page and Lottie will press the right key to send you one! Mum says better get in quick before all the dates go but we say hang about there will be more time for us (just snuck that in when she wasn’t watching). Gosh two posts today very tiring zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Mum says to tell you

We’ve had lots of trouble with our Morso Stove at Glyn’s View Cottage. We were really worried that we wouldn’t be able to sit in front of it after our long walks ‘cos Mum kept trying to sort it out and getting nowhere until she met the champion Morso fixer of all time. You could see the sparks all around when he was fixing it and the noise was deafening – we had to go in the camper. It’s great when you find a man who can. Our pen friends, Bert and Biddy (see Clematis Cottage guest gallery) told their Mum to say ‘All hail the Morso man’ so we are all part of his fan club now. Benny popped his head round but ran away pretty quickly when he heard the noise. Now all is well and we will have a lovely log fire to sit by – and you will too of course.

The other thing Mum wanted us to tell you about is the new en-suite. We know BORING! Our humans spend an awful lot of time getting clean. They must be very dirty, we don’t know why a quick dip in the river won’t do, then a good face clean in the grass and a quick shake. Takes a lot less time and is far more fun in our opinion. Any way, she says to tell you that she’s very pleased with it and that it is very nice to relax in if you want a long soak rather than an invigorating shower bla de blah de blah.

OK that’s over now listen up. The best rabbit sniffs are up on the ridge and the best messages are round the village and the best dips are in the Machno river and the best racing chasing is in the Gwydir forest and the best rolling poo……. Hey Mum don’t stop us now we’ve only just got to the best bit!


We made it!

We were such good girls, we didn’t get in the way, we didn’t make a mess, we didn’t bark for dinner even when it was over an hour late and we didn’t try to eat any lamb poo – even though it was nice and fresh!

We kept out of Dad’s way when he was building the picnic table and out of Mum’s way whilst she was sewing. Mum forgot the stair gate but we didn’t try to go up (we don’t go in the bedrooms anyway but sometimes its tempting to go to see what’s going on)! We only had a little walk and we didn’t pester to go again. Now you would think that after all that virtuous behaviour we would get extra treats but do you know WE DIDN’T EVEN GET ONE GRAVY BONE! We got a carrot  which we like but you really can’t believe that there wasn’t even ONE gravy bone between us. We are considering going on strike, withdrawing cuddles, refusing to high five and messing about in the drain. We’ll keep you posted on whether we have any success. Got to go and sleep on the idea and work on our tactics. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Who is going to be the first guest?

Lottie Scottie here and gosh the computer is red hot and I can’t keep my nose on it for one minute longer. Mum is a bit excited, she’s had the first rental for Glyn’s View cottage and she says now there’s no going back. Well, yes, she said we are literally going back tomorrow night and we can stay in the cottage instead of the boring old camper. I bet we spend a lot of time in the garden so we aren’t in the way but as long as we get to check out the treat situation that’s OK by us.
Our first guest is a boy called Monty and he’s a rescue Foxhound X. We’ll leave him some of our treats and a couple of messages so he knows how to greet Benny in Welsh.
I am about due for a beard trim and haircut and wash and brush up but I’ve got to wait until next week now. Well I think this warm weather is very tiring so I’ll just say Hwyl am rwan (bye for now) and Riff Ruff woohoo, croeso (welcome) Monty!
Benny taught me so that he would know what I was riffing about but it is very hard for a little Scots girl and very tiring zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz


The decorators are here

Chris Thomas (he’s half Welsh) has come with his two (should have been three) lads and he has NOT brought his Akita’s with him. Spoilsport! His girl is pretty grumpy but his boy is gorgeous! Down Rosie, he’s not here. When they got here it was yabber yabber yabber, bluebells yakkety yak, bluebells, mumble mumble mumble bluebells chitter chatter beautiful views. Yawn, show teeth, sigh what a bore (that’s us not the decorators). The only good thing about the countryside is the lovely smelly sniffs, don’t rate those views at all but it seems that all the humans are going to talk about. We waited and waited but do you know, there wasn’t a GRAVY BONE in sight – WHERE ARE YOU plumber Paul???
I suppose you want to see those boring Bluebells.


What a to do!

Rhys the sweep, (with his gorgeous BOY Cockers, George and Archie) pushed off the clay pot insert with his brush. There was a lot of to-ing and fro-ing until our friend Elgan shimmied up the roof to get it down. We kept barking encouragement and Dad and the men were gathered around holding bits of ladders but Mum ran off and wouldn’t look. Yah boo sissy Mum, s’alright, no problem for a fit lad like Elgan. He was going to sling a rope around the chimney and climb up but Mum was very, very cross (she says insistent) and said “no way, it has to be ladders”!
Anyway, we kept losing Mum all day and Dad said she kept popping in the shower room because she was so pleased with it and it is just how she pictured it.
Dad got a bit cross, so we kept out of the way! He was putting together the day bed for the extension and the instructions weren’t very clear and he had to do it again – oops there goes another cardboard box out the door with a spanner after it – better lie low!
We only got a little walk and I know Mum was looking longingly at the bluebells clothing the hillside on the walk up to the waterfall but she had got Tung oil all over her hands and was protecting that nice oak working surface instead.
We still can’t go inside! Don’t know why because there’s no mess anywhere now it is all ready for the decorators. Mum says, just be happy in the garden and keep out of the way a bit. We know there was a bit of *!*?!!* when they were trying to get the king size mattress up the stairs and round the landing into the bedroom. They were puffing and panting because it is a thick one (should be comfy) but we won’t get to try it!
Anyway – Rosie, Nellie and Lottie Scottie signing off – Mum says here’s a taster of the shower room and it is time for our afternoon snoooooooze.

shower room