Every garden should have a Scottie

Mum is going to have to ask Jon to mow the lawn, it has grown so much! I’ve told her to ask Elvis to come too – he is such a lovely well behaved boy but he’s a bit big. I’ve met Benny, he’s more my size and very cute – he left mum a poop present in the garden, so he is a kind dog too. It is about time Mum let us into the house, Nellie keeps trying to sneak past and get into the kitchen but I’ve told her there aren’t any treats yet.

Dad has packed up our Disco to the roof – he even got an antique sofa in! I watched a couple of chairs, bed linen, pots and pans, pictures, pillows, and then I got bored watching and went to have a snooze. This is just one trip, Mum says there are a few more to go. All the beds are there – we don’t go on them, or even upstairs but we can snooze on the sofas. We’ve got throw over covers to keep them clean though. I have been watching everything going on and it has made me very tirezzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz  


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