Every garden should have a Scottie

Mum is going to have to ask Jon to mow the lawn, it has grown so much! I’ve told her to ask Elvis to come too – he is such a lovely well behaved boy but he’s a bit big. I’ve met Benny, he’s more my size and very cute – he left mum a poop present in the garden, so he is a kind dog too. It is about time Mum let us into the house, Nellie keeps trying to sneak past and get into the kitchen but I’ve told her there aren’t any treats yet.

Dad has packed up our Disco to the roof – he even got an antique sofa in! I watched a couple of chairs, bed linen, pots and pans, pictures, pillows, and then I got bored watching and went to have a snooze. This is just one trip, Mum says there are a few more to go. All the beds are there – we don’t go on them, or even upstairs but we can snooze on the sofas. We’ve got throw over covers to keep them clean though. I have been watching everything going on and it has made me very tirezzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz  

12 men, 4 vans, 2 lorries and a tractor!!

Well, we’ve seen everything now. Couldn’t squeeze another bark out if we tried. Dylan Evan’s builders pulling out all the stops for Mum and Dad to get finished for our first booking. We are going to make it and Mum and Dad have just left James, the tiler, doing the under floor heating in the shower room and using those gorgeous (so Mum says) marble tiles. Now, we won’t be going in the bathroom but we wouldn’t be surprised if we don’t get a few dips in the lovely bubbling Machno river that runs a couple of hundred yards from Glyn’s View Cottage.
We’ve been sleeping with Mum and Dad in the camper van and that’s very nice but it has been a bit nippy at night and we’ve had to do a lot of snuggling and tucking our noses under our legs to keep warm. The cottage will be very snug – we’ve watched those super new radiators going in and the man is coming to service that great Morso stove and the en-suite bathroom has got its own heater and we will be VERY cosy in the winter when we go.
We had a bit of an upset. We know when there is an upset cos we are very good at reading human emotions (we do get adrenalin and fear mixed up but this wasn’t like that. Our friend Vini who has been working the hardest of all (except us barking) knocked on our camper door and told Mum he’d made a mistake. Mum thought he was joking but we knew he was REALLY upset. He’d only gone and cut Mum’s precious extra special oak worktop wrong and because it is a very precious extra special worktop, Mum can’t get any more until June. Now it’s going to be alright cos it can be done at the last minute and there’s still a week before our guests arrive but Vini was still really upset. Anyway, he’s going to make some very precious extra special chopping boards with the lovey piece of oak we can’t use and then Dad is going to sell them at Caudwell’s Mill Craft Centre, so there won’t be any money lost. Vini is happy now and we saw Mum giving him a hug just before we left – he was smiling!
This is James who is tiling the lovely new shower room, the bathroom, the extension floor and the en-suite. Hasn’t he got a lovely smile but he didn’t bring us any GRAVY BONES so he isn’t our favourite craftsman! Woof woof riff riff, where are you Paul the plumber with your pocket full of treats


Men everywhere – even on the roof!

All is going well at Glyn’s View cottage but the electrics are a bit behind according to Mum. We had a great time barking at ‘Dangerous Dan the Roof Man’ We have been running on Black Rock sands, watching the sheep dogs at work, whining at the Muskovy Duck who keeps coming for scraps. What a CHEEK! No scraps should go anywhere else but to US. There have been so many men, we have lost count and got fed up of barking to warn Mum and Dad. Just done a lot of snooooooozing zzzzzzzz


Gravy bones, walks, lots of cuddles

We love the camper and staying with Mum amd dad when there is lots of work going on. They have to have us with them ALL the time and they have to take us lots of walks and we get more fuss and sometimes those men give us treats. Paul, Mum says he is Paul the plumber, has a Choccy lab like me and a pocket full of GRAVY BONES and more GRAVY BONES and more…… I love him! Mum thinks we are on schedule, Dylan’s crew worked this weekend and our Derbyshire decorators are standing by= paintbrushes to the ready. Chris (boss man) has two lovely Akitas and they will probably be the first doggy visitors – better hide those GRAVY BONES!!!!!!! Gosh. it is hard work writing, better have a snoozzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Woof, woof whoo-oo, riff, riff

Glyn’s View cottage is ours! Lovely new walks, sniffs and friends! Not looking forward to all those MEN though. We’ll just have to curl up in the camper when we have had our walk while Mum puts her ‘atchitect’s’ erm, hat on. She’s been ordering loads of stuff and some treats came but they went straight in the cupboard for guests – we DIDN’T GET ANY!!!!!!!!!

Dylan (the nice Welsh builder) is starting on Tuesday, got to get our barking in tune for all the noise.

Last day at Clematis Cottage, so off to Cogden Beach for a last romp. Hoorah ROMP, oh no, boo LAST oh, HOORAH anyway xxxxxx