Walks and cuddles and more new sniffs

Rosie here. I am having just the best time. Out at the crack of dawn with my friend Emily for a long walk then back home to watch c beebies for a bit with Emily while everyone runs round packing up lunches and getting everything in the car. Then off to the beach to play with any dog who is happy like me. Met a lovely Rottie, his Mum had a pack of eight, so we were outnumbered but us puppy farm dogs are great at mixing – it’s just peeps we are sometimes scared of. Here’s a picture of me and Em watching TV, I’m off for a snooze to recuperate and get ready for all those new sniffs tomorrow zzzzzzzzzzz.


Nearly there

Next week is going to be smashing! We are going to have lots and lots of cuddles when we go to Clematis Cottage and lots of lovely beach romps. Mum’s got to work a bit ‘cos Glyn’s View cottage is nearly ours. We told Mum not to hang around – seems like she listened for a change. Can’t wait to have another mooch in the garden and a climb up the trail but the very best is snoozing in front of the fire! zzzzzzzzzzzz

What a smashing walk

We all went to meet the builder at Glyn’s View cottage on Saturday – he’s all right but he hadn’t got any treats! Mum did the talking while we had a snooze in the car. Oh boy, it was a lovely day and when Mum had finished we all went just 5 minutes in the car and we were in the Gwdyr Forest. Such sniffs, mmmm, lovely Welsh messages and we got to stop a lot to find them ‘cos Mum and Dad kept stopping to admire the views. Waste of time if you ask us, it’s much more interesting on the ground. We got up quite high and it’s a lovely trail. Gentle for any of our old pals who are a bit arthritic but you can race and chase too. Here’s a view – much better to have one of us leaving our little notes. Next time Mum says


Dishwasher / washer/dryer or cupboards

Mum, Mum, MUM it’s time for our walk. Put that pencil and eraser down. How long have we got to wait. Get a move on! Oh smashing, off we go. So you must have got it right EVENTUALLY then. Ah all three you say – plenty of room for the Burns and to wash our bowls and our muddy towels – jolly good! Was it all those useful comments on Facebook getting you to sort it out? Good job we are patient girls riff riff whooof


Don’t hang about Mum!

OK, Mum – how many reservations for Glyn’s View cottage? Eleven this year and eight for next! Look, just get the diary out and do some dates for us – we haven’t even met Elvis yet. We know, busy, busy, busy! Doggies are busy too, got to check out those naughty Pheasants stealing the bird food and those Easter bunnies chomping on the lawn and whooops there goes that superfast squirrel again. It’s enough to make a you dog tired zzzzzzzzzzz