Quotes coming in.

Mum’s been busy reading a lot of stuff, drinking a lot of coffee and frowning a bit BUT she’s still sat on her chair AND she’s smiling a bit. Oh, we guess that means there’s going to be a few more men for us to check out when we get to Glyn’s View cottage. This security role is getting a bit tiring, hope we get some sun so we can check them out from the garden. We have advised on the kitchen layout – plenty of room for our bowls and Burns food and a warm spot in front of the radiator. Mum won’t let us choose the colour scheme – says we are hopeless at that but she might let us have a go on the sofas (as long as we bring loads of covers)! Still hope for sun though, lots of sniffs to check out…..


Happy Easter!

Hippety, Hoppety, Happety Easter Bunnies. Where are they! Let me see! Let me get after them! Riff riff whoo – thats proper terrier talk but we are not allowed!
All ship shape when we left Milestone Barn! Our friend Ted was just finishing off the log store (soppy Mum wanted heart motifs as she says it is a bit of a theme in the barn). Bit of a waste of time if you ask me but the log store’s a good idea! No-one will run out of logs and they are supplied by Ted and only £4-50 a bag, so thats all good. Especially for us doggies who love to lay in front of the log burner at night.


More new cottage bookings

When we came back from our run on Happisburgh beach (we made friends with two nice Collies) there were a lot of E-mails to answer. Mum got the diary out and did some checking and now there are seventeen families wanting to stay in Glyn’s View cottage. That means that when we go there will be lots of messages from all the doggies staying. We REALLY love that.


What a shambles inside and out

Early a.m. Dad took the bedroom doors off (before we had our breakfast)!!!! Nasty whining noise and lots of huffing and puffing. Dad says oak doors are heavy and we musn’t get under foot but they open now without catching the floor so thats all good.
Late a.m. Billy came and brought us some Duck eggs – we will get one between us – greedy Mum and Dad.
Early p.m. Nice man came to do the switch but we had to go in the car ‘cos he was testing the alarms too and our ears are more sensitive.
Mid p.m. Mr. sweep came with a horrible big hoover and a big bag of brushes but he was Ok. He has a Choccy Lab / Bull dog, sound a bit wierd to me but he said she was lovely, so that must be true.
Late p.m Beach – yay but got hassled by a great big Bloodhound cross called Donut
Later p.m. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz


I’ve been helping Mum

We (me and Mum) have put all our face book pages into our Grace holiday cottages one. Everybody thought it was a good idea and we found some nice photos for the cover. If you like us we will be ever so happy (us ex puppy farm dogs haven’t got very much self esteem so it’ll make us feel good)!
WE had to wait for a nice man to come and change a control panel on our eco friendly bio disc. He showed Dad the clean water after the thingies had done thier job. Mum wouldn’t let us look she said “What do you think the fence and the cover if for – come OUT” That’s Mum when she is cross, I don’t know if the man was scared but we weren’t really – just a bit startled. We did OBEY though, it is best to ‘cos there’s nearly always a treat when we do! Got to go and get barking, another man has come to fix us a wood store. Riff, riff, woohoo, riff wooof woooooof.


We’ve got some new friends

Can’t wait to meet Elvis! Mum has met him – he’s a Collie crossed with a Bernese Mountain dog and Mum has told us he is gorgeous. He belongs to Sheila and Jon and they are going to be looking after Glyn’s View cottage for us (and leaving treats for us all – yay)
Gosh we didn’t think Mum would find us a boy friend so quickly, better get a wash and brush up before we go again!


Another count up for Many Tears

£935 this time, lots of our friends will be helped this time! Mum says we have to tell you that 10% of Glyn’s View rental will go to Many Tears too. Gives a very warm feeling (better than being in front of the wood burner) knowing that more girls like us are being helped to get homes.
Rosie, Nellie and Lottie Scottie


It wasn’t all work at Glyn’s View cottage

What a wonderful crisp dawn when we went out for our first wee, then the early March day just got warmer and we could sit in sunshine ’til it was time for our walk. Lots of lovely sniffs until late afternoon when the warmth began to fade and the mist began rise and we just wanted to come home to the fire. Mum took a photo of three of the waterfalls visible from Glyn’s View in the fading light, she said they show the rugged splendour of the Cwm (geographically a hanging valley, she says) in which Glyn’s View nestles. After our walk, Mum and Dad sat sipping a glass of wine in front of the fabulous and energy efficient (Mum says) Morso stove with us and it just made the day perfect!


When the new kitchen, bathroom, en-suite and heat for the rest of the house are installed – this will be another unique holiday home for Grace Holiday Cottages (and Rosie, Nellie and Lottie)!

Bookings coming in – got to get our weeks in Mum!

I have had my head on the warm bit (very warm, actually hot from all that typing) of Mum’s laptop watching bookings coming in for Glyn’s View. November 16th for my pen friends Trixie, Rosie and Oakley and 30th for Jess Loon, who is a secretary like me. They aren’t daft, they have reserved a place in front of the log burner!
Next year is going a bit mad too 12th & 19th April, 24th & 31st May and 21st June have been booked. Mum says no money will change hands until everone is happy with the cottage when it is up and running. I remember when the barn was all cold and horrible and had no roof, Mum did the same thing and boy, everyone was happy when it was all done and cosy.
Mum says work on Clematis Cottage prices and you won’t be far wrong if you want to get in quickly. Ooops shouldn’t have told you that ‘cos I want to go lots! I didn’t get to go upstairs (we don’t do that) but Mum loves the master bedroom – just needs the en-suite and new/old furniture she says. I told her to put this picture on our blog – golly gosh I am silly, everyone will be wanting to go. Actually I am getting a bit too warm got to go out in the garden and cool down, which reminds me to tell all my doggy friends that I lurve Glyn’s View’s garden – lots of birds to see off. Bye bye for now. Lottie Scottie Secretarial services and Stove Appraisal Executive.
a bedroom vv