Stop messing about with that camera Mum – Lets get walking!!!

Two walks today, the Boat House walk on the other side of Loch Torridon and to Craig fron the end of ‘our’ road. That’s my very most extra fantastic exciting slobber pant wag wag wag pitter patter bestest ever walk. What do you mean – over the top – I’m a LABRADOR. When I first came to live with Mum and Dad I was frightened of bridges even low little ones, and stairs and any boards with gaps. When Mum first took me on the Craig walk (theres a little wooden booard bridge) she had a very smelly pocket with lovely liver in it. Well she just had my lead on and had me walking to heel but with the chunk of liver in her hand right under my nose and guess what, I forgot I was frightened! I only had to do it once and I can do it every time. I’m still wary of new bridges, there were two I had to get used to in Norfolk but I’m not terrified any more. Us ex breeding girls didn’t go out or learn anything for years until we were rescued but what a life we have now! Going to snoozzzzzzzzz Rosie x

Sun sea and lazy Mum and Dad

We got a short walk this morning – excuse was Nellie’s leg but we know different. We got a visit from Arran who looks after Grace Cottage and well, it turned into a long rest on our ‘bench with a view’ for him and of course Mum and Dad. Real coffee and scotch pancakes with butter and syrup – we can’t have any’cos they are really bad for us, so we had to bark at Mum for our carrot and broccoli stalks and she did give us some stinky blue cheese too which we lurve! Mum got a call – it was a booking, so more for our Many Tears friends but that was it! We thought we were going to get a longer walk after Arran had gone – no such luck. Out came the bottle of wine and then the cooking started, then it started to get cooler, then it was dinner time, then Dad lit the fire – where did the day go. We are going on hunger strike (well no, actually that is a VERY bad idea) until we get a really long walk. This fire is very cosy though and we are really happy, so zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz Rosie, Nellie and Lottie Scottie xxx

Hills not vets

I can’t say that today has been my best day ever! Started good with sunshine on our bed outside by that bench with a view whilst Mum and Dad had a coffee (and Cantucci biscuits – we had carrot sticks, I know what I like best and my figure is better than Mum’s)! Then it went rapidly down hill. Shopping ugh and then the VETS. He talked a lot to Mum about me and my Puppy Farm past and gave me a once over (he did tickle my ears, which I like and then there was a cold bit in my scruff which I know is an injection – you can’t fool me!!! Then another long journey in the car – will it never end? Well it did and it was lovely. A great walk in the Corrie in the exciting dusk when all the creatures start coming out and I didn’t know where to sniff next! Little Nell xx

Waiting for the day to begin

039I have had my breakfast, wee-ed and poo-ed, had a carrot treat and now I am gazing out at where I am going for a walk. I do wish they would all hurry up! I think we are going to Shieldaig – to the peninsula walk. I really hope so, there are loads of lovely sniffs there. I know we aren’t going too far because Nellie is still recovering, she can do short walks (and little runs) but not big hills.
We have had such a lovely day in the sunshine with our picnic (broccoli stalks for me). I hope tomorrow is just as good – oh no we are going to the vets and shopping – perhaps Tuesday will be a good day… Lottie Scottie x

Reading the messages

Fab-u-lous, fandabidozie, sniffs, messages, nice decaying rolling stuff, plenty of running around – that’s my kind of day. Mum kept stopping to take photographs and Dad kept walking so I had to run backwards and forwards between them loads and loads of times – great! Lottie always stays with Mum, don’t know why, think it is because of Mum’s smelly treat pocket but that’s daft because I always get one too ‘cos I come back when I am called. Nellie’s leg seems a bit better and she loved her little walk. She has got a trip to the vets booked on Monday, hope I don’t have to go in!!!
Dad was really happy today in the sunshine – that was until he had to mend the loo handle. He kept grumbling about paying the plumber and having to do it himself anyway but he cheered up when Mum poured him a single malt. Mum says she is going to post all the pictures she took on face book, I hope I get on there too. Rosie girl xx

Warming our bums

003 We did get a walk but not too far as my leg is still not too good, I got a bit of a carry but I am not too keen!! It was quite cold so we don’t mind that we can’t sleep on the sofas because I am not supposed to jump up. My many Tears sisters have been kind to me and they aren’t jumping up either so I don’t have stay in my crate (although I do love it). By Little Nell x

We made it!

We left our calling cards in Yorkshire, Cumbria, Glasgow, Perth and Inverness and we received lots of messages on the way too. I hope some of those friends were going to a lovely place like us! Sooo late when we arrived and Mum and Dad made us wait for our dinner (they did too, so that’s not so bad). We saw that old Stag and his group of Hinds on the pass – get a better sniff from the Corrie path. When we got out we were REALLY hungry but Mum and Dad just stood there looking up. Yeah, alright, so there were a lot of stars, OK a big sky of stars but hey – we hadn’t had any DINNER!!!!! When we finally got it we gobbled it down and zzzzzzzz.
Rise and shine…. 6am walkies…..what, xxxxx be quiet, not on your (well, no, our Nellie who is the loudest of all of us). Get up Mum and Dad we are in Diabaig!!!! Oh no, disaster, Mum is in her dressing gown, which means she is going back to bed after we have had a wee. Oh well we will just have to see what the rest of the day brings……zzzzzz

It is nearly a month since we posted any news – very sorry

We all had a fabulous time in Milestone Barn with our Old Top Dog Grandad Charlie – OK he is a human but we don’t mind he gives us so many cuddles and fusses us a lot. We didn’t do so many walks this time, as he isn’t that good on his pins but we got a run on the beach each day to make up for it. We didn’t have any rain but it was quite chilly – not cold enough for coats though! We do love the heated floor, like all our friends who visit.

 It is a good job we love travelling in the car – so cosy and we can have a long sleep to make sure we have plenty of energy. We are off to Grace Cottage tomorrow, hurrah. It is a long, long journey but what sniffs when we get there!!! Rosie, Little Nell and Lottie Scottie