Cosy in cold weather


Nellie writing again today. I may be a West Highland White Terrier with a thick coat but I get Mum to keep me clipped so I can SIT IN FRONT OF THE WOOD BURNERS!!!!and then I can wear smart PINK COATS. OK I get them all muddy and I run so fast Mum take them off in case I get too hot and Rosie laughs at me and Lottie prefers her purple one (she thinks she’s the queen) and Dad is a bit embarrassed to be seen with me – get in touch with your feminine side Dad! Anyway, all our cottages have them (wood burners not coats) so I love going in winter. Lots of guests do too o our cottages are loved all year.


Counting up for Many Tears

Little Nell here – I am spokesgirl for us this week because I have a poorly paw and can’t get out like Rosie and Lottie. I have been helping Mum feed the birds (I would quite like one of those fat balls) and helping her with the accounts. She has given me an abacus but I think the counters would be better off the rods so I can play with them. I can’t seem to reconcile my totals – perhaps a home made tuna treat bone or two might help my brain.
We have been working out what we have to send to Many Tears and it is over £600 which should help a bit. I have just sent it off, so I hope it will enable my friends keep warm in all this snow. We have had a nice donation and we have sent that too.
Usually, I love the snow, rolling around and snuffling through it but I shall have to wait until my paw is better. Keep warm everybody!

Lottie Scottie Secretarial Services

Christmas and New Year have come and gone and I have been hard at work taking lots of bookings for 2013. Mum does not appreciate how much work I do with my nose on the warm bit of the lap top! I keep trying to count how many doggie guests coming to stay this year – there are lots and lots – more than my little brain can count!!
Mum says I can’t leave any messages, except outside but they get washed away, so here are my tips for a happy Grace Cottages holiday:

Clematis Cottage: Ask Mr. Norman for a marrow bone
Grace Cottage: Ask Kenneth Morrison for a marrow bone
Milestone barn: Ask Mundesley butchers for a marrow bone

You will have to persuade your Mum to pay but if you do lots of sits and high fives (shake a paws for you oldies) you should have no trouble!