What is a girl supposed to do to get noticed?

Breakfast was early, 7 am – so I thought we are going to get a good long walk today. What a joke! More sawing, painting, moving furniture, cleaning carpets and LITTLE WALKS. It’s OK for Nellie and Lottie, they only have little legs but I need MORE! We have a lovely comfy sofa and our own duvet on it, so life isn’t that bad but this is probably the holiday with the least walks EVER! Roll on February when we come again. Mum has promised lots of walks and cuddles in front of the fire to make up for the last two weeks; I’m a very trusting dog so I believe her. Tomorrow is our last day and it does look like it will be just as busy for Mum and Dad, hopefully we will get a good walk anyway.

Yesterday bad, today good

Nellie and Lottie were OK yesterday, they had a good sleep and didn’t mind the little walk. I was really fed up! A long time in the car driving, then waiting for Mum and Dad to do that stuff called ‘shopping’. They bought so much stuff for the cottage that there wasn’t much room for us coming back! We were late for our dinner and no fire to sit by, I hope things improve soon.

Today is so much better! A lovely walk, a nice fire and no men arriving to do things. Mum and Dad did a lot of sawing, tiling and painting today but they still had time to give us a walk. Dad said the views were awesome – I don’t really get it but it made him happy.

I am getting used to all the palaver

Up at the crack of dawn again and lots of moving about stuff. It all went quiet and Mum kept going to the door and looking up the hill. I think she is waiting for someone. I bet it is another man we don’t know. Yup, this one’s called Lackey and he says he’s got a yellow girl like me. He’s not too bad but he was late and I know we aren’t going to get another walk today. Lots of sawing and he’s doing it on Mum’s new floor, so I don’t think she’s very happy! Only thing to do is go to sleep…….zzzzzzzzzzz

To do lists are no fun

I’ve just heard Mum reading the list of things to do to Dad – not good!

Wash covers

Wash curtains

Wash cushions

Wash rugs

Wash pillows

Clean carpets

Polish furniture

Wash light shades

Polish stove

Clean oven


Oil new worktops “fingers crossed”, she said

When are we going to get a walk in? We’ve only been to the Corrrie once, the rest of the time to Craig which is just the best but we want some new sniffs. It has been a bit too windy for the circuit but maybe today as it is still but a bit chilly wills. Dad didn’t bring our coats this time he said he will in February. I get a bit warm in mine but Nellie and Lottie like them when they have had a haircut. Mum didn’t trim ‘em before we came up because she said it would be sure to make it snow and apparently we have too much to do to go frolicking in the lovely white stuff. Humans haven’t the sense they were born with! Not like us we’ve got more. Anyway, coffee time (we get a Rich Tea biscuit between us) yummy……..

Another busy day

There’s a very funny smell this morning. We’ve been kept in the porch after breakfast and told not to shake about, or make a mess because it makes dust and Mum is sealing the floor. She doesn’t want us to help but we have to be good and we will get a long walk later.

Lottie only has little legs but she does loads of racing and chasing and just drops off as soon as she has had her dinner. Tonight she dropped off while she was sitting up and she looks very funny!

I hope all this work has finished now. Dad has been painting all day, just ready for us to shake over tomorrow. I’m feeling a bit pooped watching all this activity ……zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Not a bad day really

I thought this was going to be a good day. Those men have gone and breakfast was normal time but then Mum and Dad started ripping up the rest of the carpet and shutting us in the snug again. Now Nellie and Lottie are pretty fed up and so am I. We haven’t had a walk and no-one is paying us any attention whatsoever. Dad keeps saying “hang on, won’t be long” how long, is what we want to know.

Mum is sanding the floor – whatever that means and she won’t let Dad help. That’s because she doesn’t know if the floor will be OK and as it was her idea, she’s just getting on with it. Great, Dad’s getting the leads so he’s taking us for a walk – about time too!

Down the road so it could be Craig or the circuit path, I hope it is Craig – it’s longer. Yup through the gate and then the deer gate and off we go!

Brilliant walk in the wind, very exciting! Mum seems to have sanded the floor and is happy – great, now where’s my dinner?

We have all swapped dishes and headed for the sofa and……….zzzzzzzzzzzzz

Rosie is blogging this week


Now this feels and smells like a good road. There are a lot of twists and turns and ups and downs, so collars to the ready for leads and have a good stretch all round to loosen up girls. No ‘lie down’ words, so we must be nearly there. Mum said the Torridon word a little while back and we’ve driven over a few cattle grids, so now I know we are nearly there. I’m always out first – I can do it myself.  My Many Tears sisters – Nellie and Lottie are too little so they get carried.

Hey, this is great again – check out the sniffs. There’s Pine Marten, if I’m not mistaken and deer and mmm, lovely, wild goat. That salty smell is the sea and there’s fresh water here too, is that Otter? I’ll have to check upstream. I can’t wait for us all to head on up on the Craig path. There’ll probably be a few sheep but we won’t mind because they won’t be on our path which follows the shore and over the hill and Hooray and Huzzah and all that.  I’m a LAB so water’s MY THING and it is EVERYWHERE here. Just going to get my dinner and have a snooze- travelling is so tiring, catch you tomorrow……zzzzzzz


Morning! I’d better tell you about this cottage in the West Highlands before I get off to those sniffs.  It was empty for years and Mum and Dad found it ages ago and decided to buy it because they couldn’t find anywhere for Connie, Lily, Mugsy and Bess to go on holiday. Well, their pack was only six strong then, including humans – you would think they would be welcome everywhere wouldn’t you? Mum said she used to be on the ‘phone all the time and did a lot of growling “one small dog kept in the porch £25 per week” – that’s dog friendly?

Anyway, now we’ve got Grace Cottage and although it is quite warm today, we do come a lot in winter and it is really cosy. Mum won’t let me go in the water when it is cold because she says I am getting on a bit – cheek – just ‘cos I’m grey round the chops!  We have a lovely warm porch to dry off in, then a fire to lie by and two wild gardens to mooch about in and we can go in the house straight from the car, so that’s all good! All our doggy visitors love it here too and there are lots of messages and billet-doux (Flora MacDonald, you know who I mean) for us.

Mum got all excited about some birds, Waxwings I think and we got a smashing walk in the rain – fantastic furry smells, loads a’ leaping, plenty o’ places to check out in case anything is hiding – hope so! Back home and not so good. Mum and Dad are moving things around and I don’t like that. Everything seems to be going into the porch! Hey don’t forget our Burns Lottie keeps barking!!! Ok they’ve settled down a bit in front of the fire ……..zzzzzzzz


Today is not a good day! Two men have come and all the carpets are getting ripped up and there’s lots of noise and we’ve got to stay in the snug and we haven’t been a walk and it is just horrible. Nellie is a bit deaf and she can’t hear all the palaver very well but me an’ Lottie have got our paws over our ears and our eyes shut. It’s no good Mum bringing me carrot and broccoli treats – I am still going to SULK! Those men aren’t going away. I only just managed to get my breakfast but it hasn’t been too bad a day really. We got to walk in the Corrie and we have had our comfy beds in the car and Mum and Dad have had some great coffee at The Mountain Coffee Company in Gairloch. They also got us some marrow bones from our friend Kenneth and we got our dinner in the snug and we are going to sleep here too ‘cos those men still aren’t going away………zzzzzz


A really early start today, breakfast in the car this time – whatever next? Those men are still making a mess in Grace Cottage and they don’t want us walking on their floor. Mum says we are going to Loch Carron and Plockton  – don’t care as long as I get a walk! Mum and Dad are having breakfast in the Bistro (get them) smoked salmon and scrambled eggs, I’d still rather have my Burns. Oh bother, there’s a craft shop! I’ll have to wait a bit longer for my walk, I bet Mum comes out with something for the cottage. Yup, what did I tell you.

We have had two walks today and Mum keeps going on about the ‘Autumn colours’ and the ‘fantastic light’ and the ‘stormy skies’. Boring! Sniffs of deer and otter are the only things worth bothering about. I wonder if those men will still be there when we get home? I would quite like them if they weren’t so noisy and in and out all the time. The van is still there so I guess they are. Yes, I thought so. I’ll just get my dinner and snooze in the snug ………….zzzzzzzz.

Nice people?

Why oh why did I praise the people at Inverness? They have just delivered the work top – very clever. Luckily, our friend John, Diabaig’s postman has got it and will store it until we get there. Whatever else will go wrong is anybody’s guess. I just keep thinking of the views – heres the road clean as a whistle in the snow

Those nice people at Inverness!

I managed to get hold of the carriers that were receiving the delivery from Night Freight. Their computers were down but they kindly followed up my problem by ‘phone and now they are keeping the worktops and bringing them over to Diabaig when we are there. They are used to remote places and are very happy to accommodate their customers – it isn’t just a matter of doing what is easiest. So all on track again (until the next snag of course)!