End of September

We spent two weeks of September in Milestone barn with our family and had a wonderful time! Clematis Cottage welcomed returning guests and last week Dougie visited with his Mum and Dad. Now Dougie’s Mum is really like family and I am glad that he (not yet a year old) got to have his first holiday in Dorset. He won’t remember but he will love the photos when he is older! He shared his holiday with Nessie (after the monster) a beautiful English Pointer. Unlike Dougie, she has visited our Norfolk barn and is quite set on visiting Grace Cottage and the Highlands too!

Reports from our caretakers tell us that as usual guests have left our cottages clean and tidy – well, I wouldn’t expect anything else from dog owners. I am trying to get organised for some improvements at Grace Cottage but it is proving a little difficult to contact people. Is it any wonder when the mountains beckon?

We have sent £710 to Many Tears Animal rescue in September – lots of bookings for 2013 boosting the donation, long may it continue!


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