Another count up for Many Tears

Rosie and Lottie have been helping me count up for Many Tears Animal Rescue and so they are very tired because it came to £1841 (including the extra £10). We hope our cottages are comfortable homes from home for you and we are so grateful for all your bookings which allow us to make these donations. Thank you!IMG_0433

Lots of activity at Stables Cottage

Mum and Dad’s friend Rob and our friend (his lovely collie Ash) have been in and out of Stables Cottage all week and Mum has been beavering away on the sewing machine and wielding the paint brush. We can’t see what all the excitement is about actually. What’s so great about a new waterfall shower, new tiles, new worktops, new sofa and new cushions? OK it is making Mum and Dad very happy and this weeks guests are also very happy. We know this because their dog Juno told us when she came round to play – she couldn’t understand all the fuss either but she did love her Mis-fits treats. Mum says if we manage to post the pics properly she will add two extra gravy bones to our after dinner treats so here goes (Juno first of course)




Put in a good word for us please

Our Mum is spitting mad and all privileges have been revoked. We should have put our Face book Christmas and new Year messages on our blog and we thought we had. It is no good telling Mum that though. She thinks we have been too busy ferreting about in the presents, trying to find Gravy Bones.

We did manage to have a count up for Many Tears though. It was £1487 and that means we have donated £30,563 since we came from any Tears to live with Mum and Dad. Now figures don’t mean too much to us but we know that is a lot of comfy beds, vet procedures (just made the defend us from them sign), cleaning products and even more important – GRAVY BONES.

We are contrite, so tell Mum to give us a break please chumsIMG_4540


Messages working

Our Mum has been talking to Ro and Mica’s Mum and this is what their Mum said.”Enjoying a golden Autumn week here at Stables cottage in Derbyshire. The walks right from the door are fantastic – our two, Mica, Staffie x and Ro, lurcher are enjoying long, safe walks – streams to splash in, bracken to roll in, soft mossy paths to sprint on, stone walls to climb on, the occasional pheasant to chase – BAD dog! But as he is now 11 years old the fun of a short chase is enough for him. We’d recommend this little gem to anyone who wants a cosy cottage, a secure garden – with added squirrels, and the glory of the light effects in this beautiful valley. (loads to see & do locally too, if you can drag yourself away from the cottage)”

We have been leaving messages left, right and centre, telling all our chums the best spots for rolling, swimming, racing and chasing – looks like they have picked them up and got their humans well trained. Job well done! Gravy Bone time eh Mum.

Ro and Mica and their Mum


Friends helping us

We have been sad these last few weeks as there are only two of us now. Our Little Nell has gone to play on Rainbow bridge where Mum says the gravy bones are supplied all day and she can see and hear and her kidneys are all better. We have asked to visit but Mum says it isn’t our time yet. We have had a lot of friends visiting to take our minds off this and Mum has treats in her pockets for them, so we get more too. The walks this week have been very exciting and we can go faster and do more running now which is very nice but we are so tired. We have new beds but choosing which one is very hard when you are shattered………IMG_4193

If it is nice tomorrow, Mum has promised us a swim in ‘our dam’ on the walk from Stables Cottage and maybe our guests will join us?


so we have got to get a good nights sleep in zzzzzzzzzz


We are naughty bloggers.

We can’t believe that we have not blogged for all this time. We expect that everyone has forgotten about how good we are at it. Well if we don’t say it no-one else will, not even Mum cos she’s a bit cross with us. You see, we have been having gravy bone payments all this time, without earning them – she thought we were blogging once a week but we have spent the time getting and sending messages to all our friends. She calls it alfresco doggie facebooking and we have got to cut it down. Yah boo sucks!

Anyway, we are getting stuck in now to tell you that our friend Alan ‘Digger Man’ (he can dig holes so fast and so big that it makes your head spin) has started on our swimming pool at Stables Cottage Not your Mum’s and Dad’s, it is just for us!




Mum wants fish and pretty water plants and somewhere for everyone to sit and look at the sunset but she is going to have to think again when we get over there. It is nice that sunset though and we always get a treat when it goes dark as that is our bedtime – speaking of which, yawn, yawn zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz



Come on Mum – why can’t we go? Take off the £168 discount!

Glyn’s View, Snowdonia would be just the ticket for our Gravy Bone Christmas (it is going to be a Gravy Bone Christmas isn’t it – we have been MOSTLY good this year). What’s that Mum all the family are coming and there wouldn’t be room there? Well Polly puppy could sleep with us, so could little humans Bella, Emily and Matilda too. That only leaves nine more big humans and you could all bunk up together, like we do. No excuses now, that is sorted! What? Not on! A smaller family of humans would enjoy it more! Nobody could enjoy it more than us. OK, OK, we know when we are losing a battle and we don’t want to rock the boat for Santa’s GB visit. Here’s what we’ll all be missing though……………